Senior Volleyball Game 

Writer: Leandra Archibald

Tensions ran high the night of the Cancer Awareness Volleyball Game. The season was fairly close to ending, and Maria Regina arrived, albeit a bit late, a noteworthy competitor to watch that Friday night. The successes of our own volleyball team were something to praise, but how would that match up against a team that almost everyone knew was very competitive? Questions like these are what occupied the minds of many that night, and while tensions ran high, nothing could prepare attendees for the excitement to come both on and off the court. 

Before play began, athletic director Jamie Skrapits had a few words to say both about the game and its impressive turnout, and while many were just waiting for the girls to play, one line stood out. In thanking everybody for showing up, Skrapits brought to attention how near and dear it was to her heart, especially when she happened to be personally affected by such. Her comments gave a lot of sentimental value to the game beyond the general screams and cheers that normally accompany a fully occupied Preston gym. 


What occurred was a sight to see. The strong serves and spikes of senior players 

Melanieann Broderick, Briana Marmolejos, and Ananda Burgos were easily complemented by the support play of junior and sophomore teammates. Admittedly, there was a bit of a slow start, but our Volleyball Panthers were gearing their supporters for a fierce comeback, and that was something to be proud of.